PhD University of Sydney, Department of Performance Studies, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (2012)
MA New York University, Department of Performance Studies, Tisch School of the Arts (2006)
BA (Hons 1) University of Adelaide, Dance Department, Faculty of Arts (1999)
BFA New York University, Department of Drama (Technical Theatre, Design), Tisch School of the Arts (1997)

Research Areas
intercultural performance
Asian-Australian performance
contemporary dance and movement theory
design for performance
hybrid arts practices
space, mobility and performance
performance and the city


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Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

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  • “In the In-between: Embodying the Intercultural in Performance.” PhD diss., University of Sydney, 2012.

Abstract: Caught in a space between a body’s habitual moves and something new, we perform strange and sometimes unexpected manoeuvres. Asked to walk in the shoes of another, to embody a new form of cultural performance, or to occupy the transit spaces of global mobility, the normally second nature way in which we perform our bodies gives way to more fluid, multiple, and confusing performances of self. These in-between moves—moments of being “out of place” or even “out of body”—are examined in this thesis as performances of interculturality.

Tracing developments in intercultural performance scholarship within the broader performance studies field, I argue for greater accounting of what it is, in embodied terms, to perform in the in-between. Patrice Pavis (1996) suggests that intercultural performance is most meaningful when it is conceived as intercorporeal work; but what kinds of intercorporealities (and intracorporealities) do performers experience in moments where they encounter their own possibility for cultural variation or change? I argue that scholarship in the field tends to implicitly conceive of the theatrical stage as the zone of cultural interaction, a construction which situates the corporealities of performers as representations of reified cultures. Rather than a recognisable genre of theatrical performance, I propose that “intercultural” and “performance” are discourses, or proposed frameworks for thinking about the world, which can usefully challenge assumptions contained within each other.

Organised in three parts, the thesis explores performance examples from locative art (Janet Cardiff) and tourism (Soundwalk), contemporary dance (Akram Khan, Ade Suharto), and everyday life (travel in the airport). The project draws on theory from a wide range of disciplines (including performance and dance studies, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, human geography, and cultural and postcolonial studies) to argue for a rethinking of the embodiment of in-betweenness as a kind of intercultural performing, and for this to be thought via fundamental relations to being a body in space and time.

  • “Interplay: An exploration of design-dance collaboration in twentieth century Western performance dance.” BA(Hons) diss., University of Adelaide, 1999.

Conference Presentations

  • “Re-offending: The problems of Experimentation and the Institution.” Australasian Association of Theatre, Drama and Performance Studies Conference – Compass Points, Brisbane, July 2012.
  • “Being and Performing in Non-place: Notes From the Airport.” Australasian Association of Theatre, Drama and Performance Studies Conference – Stripping Bare, Canberra, June–July 2010 (honourable mention, Veronica Kelly Prize).
  • “A View From the Bridge: A Dialogic Practice” (with Ade Suharto). World Dance Alliance Global Summit – Conversations across cultures, artforms and practices, Brisbane, July 2008.
  • “A View From the Bridge: Intercultural Performance-Making.” PSi #13 Conference – Happening, Performance, Event, New York, November 2007.
  • “Audiowalking and the performance of interculturality.’” Australasian Association of Theatre, Drama and Performance Studies Conference – Extreme State: Issues of Scale – political, performative, emotional, Melbourne, July 2007.

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