Interest Areas

intercultural practices; contemporary dance and movement theory; design for performance; interdisciplinary arts practices; space, place and mobility; performing the city

Current Research Projects

Out of Place, Out of Body: Scenes of Global Mobility (book project): Caught in a space between a body’s habitual moves and something new, we perform strange and sometimes unexpected manoeuvres. Asked to walk a city in the shoes of another, or to occupy the transit spaces of the global airport, the normally second nature way in which we perform our bodies gives way to more fluid, multiple, and confusing performances of self. A series of travel stories, this book examines moments of being “out of place” or even “out of body” as key experiences of global mobility.

Unsteady Belongings: Drawing on examples from contemporary dance and performance,this series of publications and creative projects argues for a kinaesthetics of cultural practice, via a rethinking of national, international and intercultural belonging grounded in analyses of movement (fundamental relations to being a body in time and space).

Misguided Utopias: A new research project in development, this work examines city plans (including those never achieved) and other urban simulacrums (e.g. the Kowloon Walled City rebuilt in Kawasaki) to wonder what these visions might reveal about the continued impulse towards a “celestial eye” (de Certeau) in city design, and its tension with ground-level urban practices.

  • 2012 PhD University of Sydney, Department of Performance Studies
  • 2006 MA New York University, Tisch School of the Arts, Department of Performance Studies
  • 1999 BA (Hons I) University of Adelaide, Dance Department
  • 1997 BFA (Hons) New York University, Tisch School of the Arts, Drama Department (Theatre Design)

Edited Volumes

Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

Introductions, Reviews & Interviews

Conference Presentations

  • “Unsteady Belongings: Failures to Mob.” Performance Studies International Conference regional cluster (“Performing Mobilities”), Melbourne, October 2015.
  • “The Experiencing of Small Gestures.” Australasian Association of Theatre, Drama and Performance Studies Conference, Sydney, June 2015.
  • “Re-offending: The problems of Experimentation and the Institution.” Australasian Association of Theatre, Drama and Performance Studies Conference (“Compass Points”), Brisbane, July 2012.
  • “Being and Performing in Non-place: Notes From the Airport.” Australasian Association of Theatre, Drama and Performance Studies Conference (“Stripping Bare”), Canberra, June–July 2010 (honourable mention, Veronica Kelly Prize).
  • “A View From the Bridge: A Dialogic Practice” (with Ade Suharto). World Dance Alliance Global Summit (“Conversations across cultures, artforms and practices”), Brisbane, July 2008.
  • “A View From the Bridge: Intercultural Performance-Making.” Performance Studies International Conference (“Happening, Performance, Event”), New York, November 2007.
  • “Audiowalking and the performance of interculturality.’” Australasian Association of Theatre, Drama and Performance Studies Conference (“Extreme State: Issues of Scale – political, performative, emotional”), Melbourne, July 2007.


Selected Creative Work – Live Performance

  • 2014. Still Point Turning. Costume design. Choreographed by Linda Luke. Premiere Melbourne Festival (Dancehouse, Melbourne); tour to FORM  Dance Projects (Parramatta Riverside Theatre, Sydney); Wagga Wagga Art Gallery (Wagga Wagga).
  • 2014. Hiding in Plain Sight. Costume Design. Choreographed by Narelle Benjamin. Premiere Performance Space (Carriageworks, Sydney).
  • 2014. Ontosoroh. Design and Dramaturgy. Directed by Ade Suharto and Peni Candra Rini. Tour to WOMAD World Music and Dance Festival (Adelaide); Ubud Readers and Writers Festival (Ubud).
  • 2013. Ontosoroh. Design & dramaturgy. Directed by Ade Suharto & Peni Candra Rini. Preview Taman Budaya Surakarta (Solo, Indonesia); premiere OzAsia Festival (The Space, Adelaide Festival Centre, Adelaide).
  • 2013. In Lieu. Design. Directed by Ade Suharto, music by David Kotlowy. Tour to Southbank Centre (London).
  • 2011. In Lieu. Design. Directed by Ade Suharto, music by David Kotlowy. Premiere OzAsia Festival (The Space, Adelaide Festival Centre, Adelaide).
  • 2010. In Lieu (development). Design. Directed by Ade Suharto and David Kotlowy. Nexus Multicultural Arts Centre (Adelaide).
  • 2004. Babushka. Design. Directed by Ingrid Voorendt. Produced by Para//elo. The Auditorium, Art Gallery of South Australia (Adelaide).
  • 2003. the paper boat. Costume design. Directed by Naïda Chinner. Artspace (Adelaide Festival Centre, Adelaide).
  • 2002. Hidden + Transparent.  Installation, part of group exhibition for A Tiny Piece of Hope. Directed and produced by Naïda Chinner. Adelaide Fringe (AusdanceSA Studio, Adelaide).
  • 2000.  Fulcrum (triple bill). Design. Including Stirred choreographed by Felecia Hick, Precipice choreographed by Jamie Cook, Vertical Trek choreographed by Ingrid Steinborner. Produced by Diwali Dance House. Adelaide Fringe (Price Theatre, Adelaide).
  • 2000. AME football puppet. Design. Produced by Knee-high Puppeteers for the 27th Olympic Games.
  • 1999. Bubble Wrap Tap from Acceptable Behaviour. Costume design. Directed by Jo Dudley and Cathy Adamek. Premiere 10th Sydney Spring International Festival of New Music (Studio, Sydney Opera House); tour to Barossa Arts Festival (Saltram Winery, Barossa, 1999); the Space, Adelaide Festival Centre (Adelaide, 2000)
  • 1998. American Tien. Puppet/set design. Directed by Alexis Rehrmann. Puffin Room (New York).
  • 1998. The Normal Heart. Set design. Directed by Robert Saxner. Centre Stage (New York).

Selected Creative Works – Film/Video/Audio

  • 2006. A Place Called Lost [1]. Audio walk, 30min: Tisch Building, New York
  • 2004. Trick of Shade (dv, colour, 7.10min). Short dancefilm. Commissioned by Naïda Chinner, Zoë Barry, and the Zephyr Quartet for Into the Kaleidoscope at the Space, Adelaide Festival Centre.
  • 2003. Ade Dancing: Golek Manis  (dv, colour, 11.05min). Short dance documentary. Screenings: Asian Music and Dance Festival 2004, Sydney Opera House; Australian Dance Theatre 2003; Adelaide Festival Centre’s Open Space Program 2002.
  • 2003. Inscribe  (dv, colour, 1.35min). Short dancefilm. Finalist, Leichhardt Video PoetryPrize, screened at the Australian Poetry Festival 2002; SA Choreolab 2002 (2002 edit).
  • 2002. Diving & The Memory Falls Away (dv, colour, 4.30min). Short dancefilm. Screenings: Cinetic 2005; South Australian Living Artists Festival Moving Image Program 2002; Greater Union Artery Film Festival 2002.
  • 1998.  The Second Bakery Attack (32mm, colour, 14min). Art Direction. Directed by Wolf Baschung, production design by Toni Barton. Sundance Film Festival Shorts Program Official Selection; New York Expo of Short Film; Deauville Film Festival.

Curating, Arts Development and Engagement

  • 2013. Annual Program. Critical Path Choreographic Research Centre, Sydney
  • 2010. From the Archive… Public talks series presented by Department of Performance Studies in partnership with Performance Space Clubhouse, Sydney
  • 2008. Take 08. Curated with Anton. Electrofringe Festival, Playhouse, Newcastle (2008); Cinemoves STRUT, Perth and Performance Space, Sydney (2009)
  • 2007. One Min Reels. Curated with Gitta Wigro. Electrofringe Festival, Civic Arcade, Newcastle (2007); Cinemoves STRUT, Perth and Performance Space, Sydney (2009)