have you taken your time?

Moss wall (1994)

Passage: from tunnels of light I turn into dark, swapping fractured fractals and the dry sniff of the arctic for a slumbering under-earth kiln…

I’m hoping to win a trip to Copenhagen with this description of my experience of Olafur Eliasson‘s installations currently on at the MCA in Sydney. The competition asks you to devote just 25 words to one work, but how to choose? To me, this truly fantabulous exhibition is so much about the transition of encounter and experience, moving from one work to another. This section of the exhibition particularly, the rooms taking you from the overwhelmingly giant wall of reindeer moss and spiky steel bubble of a kaleidoscope, through a low dark tunnel lined with fired soil bricks smelling just slightly moist, hinting at the mistiness to come in the room beyond… ahhh, so satisfying a journey. I would guess that passageway, the installation ‘Soil quasi bricks,’ goes quite unnoticed for many, in comparison to the showstoppers on either side of it. But really, they’re all passageways, getting you to and from experiences of colour, light, reflection, refraction.

There’s so much more I could write. Go now, before it ends on the 11th of April.

Beauty (1993)