There is no design, only reckoning

“the distinction between museums and archives (and by extension libraries) is collapsing in most people’s minds.”

Interesting keynote ‘We Were Otaku Before it Was Cool’ from Aaron Straup Cope, from Cooper-Hewitt and the Smithsonian, playing with some ideas about curating archives in the digital (within the not so) world.

This is interesting to me because it demonstrates the ways in which people are expanding the surface area in which to think about place. They are still thinking about a physical and social geography just not one limited to administrative boundaries.

I believe strongly that at the end of the day our goal is to get people in the building. Because the real things continue to possess qualities that their digital proxies do not and can not.

But those proxies are important because they are, like the shadow places that people create online and off, a more expansive surface. They have affordances and opportunities that the delicate and precious things we collect do not.