Communal living

I have been walking past the giant (and ageing) public housing buildings in Fitzroy over the last few weeks, marvelling at their ugliness to some extent - but also the vibrant community that lives there, the lovely eucalypts that they had the foresight to plant, and more. But these towers, surrounded by park during the … Continue reading Communal living

Ruminations [full text]

Several people have contacted me looking for my article "Ruminations While (Audio)Walking" which was published in Extensions in 2009. Apparently it is not available online anymore, but I am more than happy to share the full text here. In fact, I'm chuffed that it is still being read! The original publication had audio clips embedded which I … Continue reading Ruminations [full text]


Highly recommend the blogging of the great Vanessa Berry. In particular, she has been blogging about the city of Sydney at Mirror Sydney and for the Museum of Sydney's Public Sydney blog. Recently she posted a farewell tour of the Sydney monorail, and as a long-time big complainer about the monorail I had to comment... You are … Continue reading Schmonorail

Ying Gao

Been looking at the work of Canadian designer Ying Gao. Always interested in the way form and volume can be used in wearable objects. And her work oscillates between such objects that might be more commonly called 'clothes' and other, much more odd socio-environmental interactions. Dezeen has featured her gaze-activated dresses which glow with photo-luminescent … Continue reading Ying Gao

Cortlandt Alley Museum

Think I might have missed a calling in experience design/ museum display. Bite-sized, idiosyncratic social history... in a disused elevator shaft in New York. “There’s this whole world of artifacts that go unseen because they’re details of everyday landscape,” says one of the founders, Alex Kalman. Read a recent review in the Gothamist.

People Pods

Moving pod prototypes are proliferating... but how far have we moved on from the Sinclair C5 from 1985? Also check out Organic Transit's Elf.

Passing through

How interesting to open the Herald this morning to see (coincidentally I'm sure) two major, scape-changing, high-profile Sydney building developments unveiled on the same day. And what different projects! One, the much maligned Barangaroo site, sees a congregation of generic office towers crowding down towards the harbour edge and looming ominously over the (quaint, diminutive, … Continue reading Passing through

a little airport writing

(an excerpt from an article I'm working on...) In a cultural-geographical sense, the international airport is one system implicated in both the fears of cultural degradation and the celebrations of new hybrid forms brought about through contemporary globalisation, as people and places are brought together through greater speed and frequency of encounter. The old routes … Continue reading a little airport writing


Inhabit recently posted this intro to the new Transbay Transit Terminal in San Francisco, currently under construction. Not only will it have wind turbines and geothermal heating and grey water recycling, it will have a "5.4 acre green roof that will act as a city park and will host variety of cultural activities." Are you … Continue reading transporter

This Kind of Ruckus

Pressed into a shallow heated space between audience and front curtain, the five performers of This Kind of Ruckus stand poised, ready for action, red crepe pom-poms quivering just slightly. ‘It’s theatre,’ they seem to say, ‘It’s a show.’ But that’s a complicated idea in the world of Version 1.0’s politically charged, verbatim theatre. Even … Continue reading This Kind of Ruckus

Woolly brain

Psychiatrist Dr Karen Norberg, of National Bureau of Economic Research in Cambridge, Massachusetts, spent a year knitting an anatomically correct replica of the human brain. Full story in the Telegraph here.


Was recently reminded of this strange and wonderful bit of writing from Ben Marcus' The Age of Wire and String. As we approach the final week of Masterchef, it reminds me of afternoons in costume history class and painting plates of costumes through the ages... It makes perfect sense, and yet - what?!? Eh? I … Continue reading ‘food’

Moleskine animations

A friend put me onto some little page-turning videos on youtube from Moleskine's Detour project, a touring exhibition of illustrated notebooks (more info). Ahhh - paper, pen, pencil... the simple things. Love this one by French artist Marianne Fountain which is like a flip-book animation, wrapping cartographic views of the city and the evolution of … Continue reading Moleskine animations

An Ikea Christmas

I have been meaning to write a little ditty on performance, pop culture, and transformative experience - via some Christmas performance events I've run into over the last couple of years. Given that it is now March and approaching Easter, my Christ days are a bit out of whack. Nonetheless... First there was the Broadway … Continue reading An Ikea Christmas

Connecting Cities

The City of Sydney is hosting an upcoming talk as part of their 2030 Sustainable Sydney vision. Connecting Cities London-Sydney-Mumbai Ideas & inspiration for sustainable cities with Adam Spencer, Clover Moore, Nicky Gavron (London) and Dr Shubha Raul (Mumbai) Thursday 23 Oct 6.30-8pm State Theatre, 49 Market St Sydney Free but you need to get … Continue reading Connecting Cities

Take08 at Electrofringe

In or around Newcastle? This is Not Art - Electrofringe, Critical Animals, Sound Summit and the National Young Writers Festival - are on this coming weekend. I've curated a program of recent Australian and New Zealand shorts with choreographer Anton called ReelDance: Take08 for Electrofringe. The program includes documentaries that explore social and cultural relationships … Continue reading Take08 at Electrofringe