People Pods

Moving pod prototypes are proliferating... but how far have we moved on from the Sinclair C5 from 1985? Also check out Organic Transit's Elf.

Passing through

How interesting to open the Herald this morning to see (coincidentally I'm sure) two major, scape-changing, high-profile Sydney building developments unveiled on the same day. And what different projects! One, the much maligned Barangaroo site, sees a congregation of generic office towers crowding down towards the harbour edge and looming ominously over the (quaint, diminutive, … Continue reading Passing through

a little airport writing

(an excerpt from an article I'm working on...) In a cultural-geographical sense, the international airport is one system implicated in both the fears of cultural degradation and the celebrations of new hybrid forms brought about through contemporary globalisation, as people and places are brought together through greater speed and frequency of encounter. The old routes … Continue reading a little airport writing


Inhabit recently posted this intro to the new Transbay Transit Terminal in San Francisco, currently under construction. Not only will it have wind turbines and geothermal heating and grey water recycling, it will have a "5.4 acre green roof that will act as a city park and will host variety of cultural activities." Are you … Continue reading transporter