Ade Dancing: Golek Manis is an un-narrated, impressionistic documentary featuring Australian-Indonesian dancer Ade Suharto. The film follows the structure of the classical dance Golek Manis, preserving the introspective focus and pace of the Javanese movement style. At the same time, it captures a period at the end of 2002 when Ade had just returned to Australia from two years dancing in Solo and Jakarta. The film gives an insight into Ade and what this experience meant to her personally, reflecting ideas of reverence, biculturalism, distance, travel, and freedom.

directed & edited by Justine Shih Pearson
featuring Ade Suharto
music performed by ASKI Surakarta Gamelan

Adelaide Festival Centre – Open Space Program, 2002 (2002 edit)
Australian Dance Theatre, 2003
Asian Music and Dance Festival, 2004