binaurally recorded audio walk
30 minutes

A Place Called Lost

This is an audio walk. These walks always tend to be tied to place, a rumination on or exposition of place. But I started wondering what if they weren’t? What if it was about placelessness, an any place or no place.

A narrow gap left between two buildings just wide enough for a small child.

A crack, an interstice, a place lost between two others.

A waiting room.

A Place Called Lost is a 30 minute audio walk of the Tisch Building at 721 Broadway in New York City, made in 2006. Place. The body. Time. All three are required for engagement with an audio walking tour. They are the raw materials that prove flexible and malleable. This is what fascinates me about the medium, the messy interrelatedness and occasional congruence of these elements between themselves and with sensorial experience, memory and imagination.

Thematically, the stories in A Place Called Lost deal with being in-between. We stop on a mid-flight step (neither top nor bottom); I talk of being overseas and missing the death of my grandmother, of not being able to find my way home. For Philip Bohlman placelessness bespeaks a lack of belonging. This audio walk posits placelessness as an in-between (not detached from place but between places), creating its own character, its own sense of being-in-the-world.

(please listen with headphones for full 3D effect)