research & writing

I carry out interdisciplinary research into the meanings of kinaesthetic, spatial, and sensory experience, operating between knowledges from creative arts practice and everyday social life. My aim is to shed light on the ways we construct and inhabit our world/s by studying how we do the stuff that we do, in the real world.

I have written articles for academic journals and magazines, press releases, websites, reviews, grant applications, and more, as both a freelancer and for companies and institutions in the not-for-profit sector. I provide clear-sighted and precise substantive editing and proofing, with specialties in the areas of cultural and performance studies. I have worked with more than thirty writers to help them articulate the big story they want to tell – and put the commas in the right place.

editing projects include

a PhD thesis on creative research into migratory shorebirds

a book manuscript on First Peoples’ rehearsal practices

a book manuscript on youth justice conferencing

multiple academic articles as an issue and production editor for About Performance, on subjects as diverse as living with crocodiles, disability as spectacle at the Paralympics, Holocaust memorialisation and placemaking in Vienna, and Odissi dance

artist texts for industry journal Critical Dialogues


in development

Out of Place, Out of Body: Scenes of Global Mobility (book project): Caught in a space between a body’s habitual moves and something new, we perform strange and sometimes unexpected manoeuvres. Asked to walk a city in the shoes of another, or to occupy the transit spaces of the global airport, the normally second nature way in which we perform our bodies gives way to more fluid, multiple, and confusing performances of self. A series of travel stories, this book examines moments of being “out of place” or even “out of body” as key experiences of global mobility.

peer-reviewed articles

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book reviews

Shih Pearson, Justine. 2017. “The Transparent Traveler: The Performance and Culture of Airport Security. By Rachell Hall.” TDR 234: 184-186.

edited volumes

Brannigan, Erin and Justine Shih Pearson (eds). 2015. Critical Dialogues: Writing Dancing 5 (Aug).

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introductions, reviews & interviews

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